Dream bigger

The most innovative sleeping product since the blanket is changing the way we nap

Practice hindfulness habits to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and increase your midichlorians

Two Perfect Pillows

Our models are designed to replicate the dimensions and dexterity of the most desired derrieres. It's My Butt Pillow is made of premium 100% natural latex foam derived from tree sap. Our pillows are soft, supportive, breathable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and enviro-friendly.


The perfect pillow for napping on-the-go, at the office, with your pet and just about anywhere else. We have yet to find a place that isn't great to nap with the Hinter.

Attributes: Lean, Toned, Industrious and Practical

Qualities: Travels well. Ideal for power naps. Fits in the desk drawer. Dogs seem to love it.

Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 8 inches 

Weight: 4lbs


The Bunda is our butt pillow for advanced nappers who are looking to take their game to the next level. You’ll be dreaming bigger in no time with the Bunda.

Attributes: Curvy, Voluptuous, Delightful and Indulgent 

Qualities: Great for binge watching. Warms the heart. Pairs well with red wine. Users also bought crochet blanket.

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 11 inches 

Weight: 5lbs

It’s for napping

Putting the competition in the rear. Leave bad naps behind you and make those few minutes of peace and quiet count.

The only pillow endorsed by the Napping Association for People

Pop some popcorn, turn on your favorite show and cuddle up with your boo and My Butt Pillow. Make Saturday your Netflix N’ Nap night.

Warning: Napping on It’s My Butt Pillow for more than 30 minutes can lead to sleeping

Start napping now!

Butt Tested, Head Approved

I just got a raise!

I keep my butt pillow in my desk at work and take a 15 minute "Ass Nap" every day at 3pm. I’ve  never been more productive in my life.

- Johnathan Roscoe

The first nap

Eve had a very soft butt and it was way more comfortable than a rock or log, but TBH I prefer napping on It’s My Butt Pillow... please don't tell Eve.

- Adam

No more narcolepsy

I’ve had trouble sleeping for years! Now, every time my head hits this bottom, I’m napping in no time.

- Sarah Hitchenson

Lay your head on our pillow and just relax

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