Dreams do come true, when sleeping on it’s My butt Pillow

Developed many millennia ago, the human butt has always been the ideal napping apparatus. The pillow of the future - and the way way past - is now available.

Our brilliant engineers at HQ have finally cracked the case and developed the perfect pillow that replicates the contours and coziness of the comfy caboose.

It has been said that It's My Butt Pillow is the most significant scientific breakthrough of our generation... naps will never be the same again.

The original pillow

  • Dream bigger

    That's right! Your dreams will be grander, more asspirational, and may even come true.

  • Everywhere, any time

    Take your pillow with you and nap at your office, on a plane, while camping or riding a bus.

  • Just 15 min a day

    Make time for yourself and reduce your stress, anxiety and desire to punch something.

It's for napping

Yes, this is a real product.

Yes, it's amazing and used across the world for the best naps known to man.

It’s My Butt Pillow is made of premium 100% natural latex foam derived from tree sap. It is soft, supportive, breathable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and enviro-friendly.

Every order includes:

1x Butt Pillow

1x Silky smooth washable yoga-pant pillow sleeve